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We don't just want your manpower.We want you from head to toe.

It’s true. At CST, everyone should feel comfortable in their workplace. In return, however, the workplace also needs to be filled. Through knowledge and foresight, through persistent will and ability. After all, we have to take on the challenges of our demanding customers and master them with flying colors. Ego-centered hypocrites, careerists and people on the run are therefore out of place here. We need colleagues who think and act independently, with both hands and feet. With rough edges, if you like. The entire person. Just like you…


What? No cookies? No 25-hour week?

When it comes to work-life balance, many people strive for a balanced relationship. Nothing against work-life balance, but the term already has an inherent two-sided imbalance. We prefer to talk about work-life integration. Our goal is not that there shouldn’t be a difference between work and leisure, but that we should unite both areas, which have such an impact on our quality of life, in a “natural” and harmonious way. This is what we are working on, based on our CST work codex.

Use time more

Reduce or
avoid stress



Feel less

Cultivate joy
in work

Talk more with
each other


Motivate in
difficult phases

Less time
at work

Application process

The shortest way from A to W*:Your application process

Quick application, quick response. There is no waiting in line at CST. If you apply with us, we guarantee that your application will be processed quickly and carefully. Our selection procedures are fair and transparent, because you should be able to rely on us. Are you interested in a current job offer? Go to our online application platform. Click on the position you’re interested in and send us your application. Your application will then go through five phases:

Receipt of your application

We check your documents for completeness. If you have attached all the required documents to your application, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail to an address of your choice after a maximum of 3 days. If you have not enclosed a required document, our HR employee will contact you.

Review of your application documents

Your application will be forwarded to the division management. We will first check your professional suitability and, if necessary, coordinate your application with the relevant project manager. If your knowledge and qualifications match our current vacancy, we will invite you to an initial interview, either by telephone or on site.

First interview

We check your qualifications. In the first interview we will introduce you to CST GmbH. In a conversation about your previous career stages, we would like to learn more about your previous tasks and your motivation. The management team decides whether we invite you to a trial job and a subsequent second interview.

Trial work and second interview

Can we work together? During the trial period, you will get to know your colleagues and demonstrate your skills by working on a small task. The management team and the corresponding team leader will take the time to get to know you better.

Do we get along? In the second interview you can talk about your experience in the team, after you have gotten to know your future colleagues better. The management team will give you feedback on your work trial.


You will receive your employment contract. If we are compatible, we will invite you to lunch on your first day of work. Here you will get to know all of your colleagues and be brought up to date with the employee information. With further training measures and regular feedback meetings, the management team will help you to make a positive contribution to the company in the long term.

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