Measurement of the burning behavior of candles

Measuring burnup and flame size with a steel ruler is still the common way in quality control throughout the candle industry. Whether in wick production, wax production, fragrance production, color production, candle production or in the laboratories of testing organizations and major customers, there are labor costs of at least 15 EURO for the typical 4-hour measurement. With the use of automated measuring technology, the costs are reduced to 1/3, i.e. around 5 EURO. These 10 EURO savings per measurement, coupled with highly reliable flame measurement values and the automatically determined wax consumption in grams per hour, bring a new dimension of reliability to quality assurance in the candle industry.

Flamme mit Stahllineal

Integral soot measurement

Soot measurement in the wire mesh cylinder allows the soot build-up to be measured under uniform burning conditions. The question about the size of the flame during the soot measurement could not really be answered so far, since an intervention in the test setup was necessary for each flame measurement. Our AI-based solution has been trained specifically for the “measurement through a wire mesh” situation. The following picture shows the measurement of the flame size during the running soot measurement. The typical measurement error that occurs when measuring through the wire mesh is in the range of one wire gauge.

Flamme hinter Gitter

Special cases

Special wicks such as wooden wicks or LED candles have been supported since 2020 according to a corresponding customer request. Glass candles in frosted and transparent containers are supported as well as candles in different colored plastic containers. Observation of candles in opaque containers or jars can be done from steep above. The observation angle is automatically detected by the software and the flame is then correctly measured.

Flamme hinter Glas
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Our solution enables you:

  • Measurement of flame height and burning duration
  • Measurement of up to 10 flames simultaneously
  • Measurement fully automatic in real time with high measurement accuracy of typically 0.1mm
  • Export of measurement data to Microsoft® EXCEL, Apple Numbers and other systems
  • Recording of wax consumption per hour of each candle via up to 10 connected scales
  • SMS to the user when projects are completed or flames are measured above / below certain limits
  • Live monitoring of all flames on all iPads via EASY VIEW from any number of workstations
  • Exchange of an encrypted link with customers or suppliers to allow them to watch burning in real-time.

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