Tireanalysis as a Service

Mobile, cloud-based tire analysis

TIREANALYSIS AS A SERVICE is a fast testing procedure for fleet operators, authorities, organizations with safety tasks, services, car and tire dealers as well as insurance companies that want to have access to tire condition data at any time, without delay and independent of location. The primary benefit aspects are therefore to be seen in service automation, in database-based condition analysis and in preventive road safety assurance.

TIREANALYSIS AS A SERVICE was designed for decentralized testing and measuring of commercial vehicle and passenger car tires, which depend on their tire condition information at anytime and anywhere in the context of mileage contracting.

Tire images are created using the integrated camera of mobile devices. The user scans the dimension string on the tire sidewall. Based on this, TaaS can recognize and assign the exact tire type. The user then scans the tread of the tire at an easily accessible location. The customer’s own app, which has been further developed with our help, makes the analysis and measurement results available directly on the end devices with hardware acceleration. The measurement process can be performed by accessing databases, either online via our cloud or offline via the AI core.

TaaS Produkt

Scope of delivery

    • Tire identification and analysis with mobile devices
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TIREANALYSIS AS A SERVICE learns from historically obtained tread depths and tire conditions, which means that artificial intelligence (AI) comes into play. Conclusions are automatically drawn from already acquired data with regard to newly acquired measurement data. The primary focus here is on the practical use of these findings. One such use in this case could be predictive maintenance. For example, it is able to predict truck tire conditions until a tire change is necessary and thus optimize tire services in fleet operations.

The cloud-based TIREANALYSIS AS A SERVICE is an application that operates using neural networks. By integrating newly collected tire condition data, the existing database is continuously improved. The results are available after inference times of only a few milliseconds.

Your benefits as a…


... Tire dealer and workshop

  • Stimulation of tire and service business
  • Increased sense of security
  • Simplified tire selection

... Vehicle fleet

  • Documentation of all tire conditions
  • Increased sense of safety

... Motor vehicle insurance

  • Tire data as added value in telematics contracts [1]
  • Minimizing the frequency of traffic accidents

... Private individual

  • Constant control of your tire conditions
  • Avoidance of fines
  • Increased sense of security

Ease of use

  • Integration into the infrastructure
  • Easily traceable measured values
  • Fully automatic documentation


  • Care and support
  • New features can be integrated upon customer request

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